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This Agreement constitutes a legal and binding contract, which is entered into with the electronic platform "". This agreement governs the use of the platform, which includes websites, mobile applications, and other services offered by The company OÜ is a limited liability private company registered in Estonia with registration code no. 16536174. The email address is The contact person and details are Baltic Business Services OU, registration code 12085251, address Harju County, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Narva mnt 5, 10117, email address

The platform provides an online space that allows its users, referred to as "Members" (Doctors and Patients), to offer and benefit from medical services. "Doctors" (physicians) provide paid medical services that are carried out remotely (electronically/online) through the electronic platform. Patients seek, use, and pay for remote medical services through the platform.

Essentially, through the electronic platform, doctors/physicians offer paid remote medical consultations (electronically/online). To become a member of the platform, it is necessary to register an account and to access and use the services offered by, it is necessary to comply with this agreement and maintain accurate and up-to-date account information. Registration of an account on the electronic platform is free. The consultation provided by the Doctor to the Patient through the electronic platform takes place without the involvement or interference of

When the Patient selects a Doctor/physician on the platform, engages in conversation, and receives a consultation from them, a direct contract is formed and executed between them regarding the provision of medical services. This legal relationship is governed by the provisions of the Civil Code and the legislation of the country where the respective Doctor is registered and operates. X.DOCTOR, as the provider of the platform, does not own, control, offer, or manage any medical services provided by Doctors/physicians. The amounts paid by the Patient for medical consultation services are subsequently transferred directly by to the Doctor/physician who provided the respective consultation, with the retention of a platform maintenance commission and a commission related to bank transfer.

The platform is not a party to the contract and legal relationship between the Doctor and the Patient, and it is not responsible for the quality of the mentioned medical service. The Doctor/physician is responsible for knowing and complying with all laws, rules, regulations (including in their contracts with third parties) applicable to the services provided by the Doctor/physician through the platform in the country where they are officially registered and operate legally as a medical professional. The Doctor/physician is primarily obliged to act in good faith, to respect medical ethics, to demonstrate a high level of respect for patients, and to act in accordance with the highest human values, maintaining professional secrecy and ensuring maximum confidentiality of information and personal data related to the provision of medical services to patients.

The Doctor/physician is obliged to act in defense of human values, the protection of life and health, applying the most correct, appropriate, and harmless medical methods and practices.

Terms for Patients

  • Our mission
  • Searching and using
  • Responsibilities and assumption of risks

Terms for Doctors/Physicians

  • Use of the platform
  • Management of the profile
  • Payments and taxes

General Terms

  • rules
  • Termination, suspension, and other measures
  • The role of
  • Member accounts
  • Data security and protection

Terms for Patients

1. Our Mission

To create a world where you can consult with a doctor for your needs from anywhere in the world.

2. Using

2.1 Searching The Patient can search and benefit from medical services by using the doctor's name or browsing through specialties on the electronic platform.

2.2 Using and Payment for Services When the Patient wishes to consult a doctor, they agree that they must first pay in advance for the corresponding consultation by topping up their online account on the platform with sufficient funds (monetary amounts in EURO currency). The minimum amount for topping up the Patient's account is 9 Euros. A topping-up operational commission will be charged, which will be displayed immediately before making the payment. If the account is topped up in a different currency, an automatic conversion of the monetary amounts into EURO currency will be applied, and the currency conversion commission will also be borne by the Patient. The Patient has the possibility to top up the account, including during the consultation. The Patient accesses the "Waiting List" of patients for the doctor, and the doctor will contact the Patient through the application when available. Insufficient funds in the account make it impossible to provide the medical consultation.

2.3 The Patient can communicate with the doctor through written messages (chat) in the application. Chat conversation is free, however, the Doctor is entitled to request payment for written consultations in accordance with the fee that they inform the Patient of before providing the corresponding consultation.

2.4 In the event of early termination or termination of this Agreement, if there are any advance payments made by the Patient that have not yet been used, the Patient has the right to send a request by email for a refund of the amount. In such cases, will refund the amount to the Patient's bank account within a period not exceeding 30 calendar days, provided that the Patient has complied with the provisions of this Agreement.

3. Responsibilities and Assumption of Risks

3.1 Responsibilities The Patient is responsible and accountable for their own actions and omissions, and is also responsible for the actions and omissions of any invitee who joins the platform. For example, this means:

  1. The Patient is responsible for researching and conducting a thorough analysis of the Doctor they intend to consult.
  2. The Patient must exercise caution, diligence, good faith, and comply with applicable laws at all times.

3.2 Assumption of Risks The Patient acknowledges that many activities involve inherent risks and agrees that, to the maximum extent permitted by law, they assume all risks arising from accessing and using services, including consultation with the Doctor, carrying out any recommendations of the Doctor, any side effects or health issues resulting from the implementation of the Doctor's recommendations, or any other interaction they have with the Doctors contacted through the website or mobile application. This means that it is the Patient's responsibility to investigate the Doctor they intend to consult to determine if they have a good reputation and are capable of helping them. For example, the Doctor's recommendations may involve risks of illness, bodily harm, disability, or death, and by choosing to follow or implement those recommendations, you freely and consciously assume these risks.

Terms (Rules) for Doctors/Physicians

4. Use of the Platform

4.1 Doctor As a consulting doctor (physician), provides the opportunity for the doctor to share their Medical Knowledge, Medical Experience, and Doctor's Expertise with Patients in need and to collect payments for the medical services provided through the platform. After registering an account, the doctor has full control over how and when they provide consultations to patients.

4.2 Collaboration Request If the Doctor wishes to register on the platform as a Doctor to offer remote consultations (online) through, it is necessary for them to submit a Request at the address

4.3 Acceptance or Rejection Acceptance or rejection of the request submitted by the Doctor/Physician is not subject to any deadlines for the Platform. Additionally, the platform reserves the right not to respond to the request if it deems it unnecessary, and it is not obligated to provide a reason for not responding. The platform is also not obligated to provide a reason for rejecting the acceptance of the doctor. The platform reserves the right to exclude, suspend, or delete the Doctor's account if they violate the provisions of this Agreement, the applicable legislation, or other provisions that are considered by the platform to be serious violations.

4.4 Contracting with Patients When the Doctor contacts a Patient from the "Waiting List" or engages in messaging with them through the website or mobile applications, the Doctor enters into a direct contract (legal relationship) with the Patient and is directly responsible for providing medical consultation in their capacity as a Physician, in accordance with the applicable legislation and relevant medical standards in the state where the Doctor is officially registered and operates.

4.5 Commission Furthermore, the Doctor/Physician agrees to pay the applicable commission to the platform for each consultation. The payments and commissions applied by will be deducted/withheld from the amounts held by the Doctor/Physician in their account (on the platform) as a result of providing medical consultations.

4.6 Preliminary Examination in Treatment Cases The treatment service provider must, to the extent reasonably necessary for the provision of the service:

  1. Ask the patient questions regarding their health condition, symptoms, past illnesses, allergies, previous treatments, or current treatments, as well as preferences and priorities regarding treatment;
  2. Request the necessary tests for the accurate diagnosis of the patient's health condition;
  3. Consult any other treatment service providers involved in the patient's treatment.

4.7 Obligation of Competence and Prudence

  1. Based on the obligation of competence and prudence, the treatment service provider must, in particular, provide the patient with the level of competence and prudence that a reasonable treatment service provider would offer under similar circumstances.
  2. If they lack the experience or competence to treat the patient with the required level of competence and prudence, the treatment service provider must refer the patient to another treatment service provider capable of providing this level.
  3. Any clause that deviates from the provisions of this article to the detriment of the patient is null and void.

4.8 Obligation of Information

  1. In order to provide the patient with free choice regarding treatment, the treatment service provider must inform them in particular about the following:
    1. The patient's current health condition;
    2. The nature of the proposed treatment;
    3. The advantages of the proposed treatment;
    4. The risks of the proposed treatment;
    5. The alternatives to the proposed treatment, as well as their advantages and risks compared to those of the proposed treatment;
    6. The consequences if treatment is not pursued.
  2. The treatment service provider must inform the patient about any risks or alternatives that could reasonably influence the patient's decision to accept or refuse the proposed treatment. It is presumed that a risk can reasonably influence the decision if its materialization would cause serious harm to the patient. Unless otherwise provided, the provisions regarding the obligation of information shall apply accordingly.
  3. The information must be provided to the patient in a comprehensible manner.

4.9 Obligation of Information in the Case of Unnecessary Treatment or Experimental Treatment

  1. If the treatment is not necessary for the maintenance or improvement of the patient's health, the treatment service provider must disclose all known risks.
  2. If the treatment is experimental, the treatment service provider must disclose all information regarding the objectives of the experiment, the nature of the treatment, the advantages and risks involved, as well as the options available, even when they are mere possibilities.
  3. Any clause that deviates from the provisions of this article to the detriment of the patient is null and void.

4.10 Exceptions to the Obligation of Information

  1. The information that would normally have to be provided under the obligation of information may not be disclosed to the patient:
    1. If there are objective reasons to believe that their health or life would be seriously and negatively affected;
    2. If the patient expressly expresses the desire not to be informed, provided that the non-disclosure of the information does not harm the health or safety of third parties.
  2. The obligation of information may not be fulfilled when treatment is provided in an emergency situation. In this case, the treatment service provider must provide the information later, to the extent possible.

4.11 Obligation Not to Treat Without Consent

  1. The treatment service provider will not treat if the patient has not given their informed consent.
  2. The patient can revoke their consent at any time.
  3. As long as the patient is unable to give their consent, the treatment service provider may only carry out the treatment if:
    1. Informed consent has been obtained from a person or institution authorized by law to make decisions on behalf of the patient regarding treatment;
    2. All legal provisions or procedures allowing treatment to be provided without this consent have been complied with;
    3. The treatment needs to be provided in an emergency situation.
  4. In the situation described in paragraph (3), the treatment service provider does not begin treatment until they have taken into consideration, to the extent possible, the opinion of the patient unable to give consent regarding the treatment, as well as any possible opinion expressed by the patient before they became unable to give consent, which has been brought to the attention of the treatment service provider.
  5. In the situation described in paragraph (3), the treatment service provider has the right to offer only treatment intended to improve the patient's health condition.
  6. In the case of experimental treatment, consent must be expressly given and refer to the specific treatment.
  7. Any clause that deviates from the provisions of this article to the detriment of the patient is null and void.

4.12 Data

  1. The treatment service provider must record adequate data about the treatment. This data should particularly refer to the information collected in preliminary interviews, examinations, or consultations, information regarding the patient's consent, and information regarding the treatment performed.
  2. Upon reasonable request, the treatment service provider must:
    1. Ensure access to the data by the patient or, if the patient is unable to give consent, by the person or institution authorized by law to make decisions on behalf of the patient;
    2. Respond, to the extent reasonable, to questions regarding the interpretation of the data.
  3. If a patient has suffered harm and claims that it is a result of the treatment service provider's failure to fulfill the obligation of competence and prudence, and the treatment service provider does not comply with the provisions of paragraph (2), it is presumed that the obligation of competence and prudence has not been fulfilled and that there is a causal link between the failure and the harm.
  4. The treatment service provider must keep the data and provide information regarding their interpretation for a reasonable period of at least 10 years after the treatment has ended, depending on the usefulness of this data for the patient or their successors or representatives, and for subsequent treatments. Data that may reasonably have significant value after the reasonable period is also kept by the treatment service provider after the expiration of this period. In the event that, for any reason, the treatment service provider ceases their activity, the data is archived or transferred to the patient for future consultations.
  5. Any clause that deviates from the provisions of paragraphs (1)-(4) to the detriment of the patient is null and void.
  6. The treatment service provider is prohibited from disclosing information about the patient or other individuals involved in the patient's treatment to third parties unless disclosure is necessary for the protection of third parties or in the public interest. The treatment service provider may use the data anonymously for statistical, educational, or scientific purposes.

4.13 Legal Remedies in Case of Non-performance In case of any type of non-performance of the obligation arising from the treatment service contract, the legal provisions regarding the legal remedies of the creditor in case of non-performance apply, with the following adaptations:

  1. The treatment service provider cannot exercise the right to suspend performance or terminate the contract if it would expose the patient's health to serious danger;
  2. To the extent that the treatment service provider has the right to suspend performance or has the right to termination and plans to exercise this right, they must recommend another treatment service provider to the patient.

4.14 Independence of Doctors Your relationship with is that of an independent person or entity and not that of an employee, agent, partner, or associate of, except that acts as a payment collection agent. does not control your medical consultation service, and you agree that you have complete discretion regarding the decision to provide consultations and the timing of when you do so, as well as the terms under which you offer them. There are no employment, subordination, or supervisory relationships of any kind established between the Doctor and the platform.

5. Administration of Doctor's Profile

5.1 Creation and Management of the Doctor's Profile will create a profile for the Doctor after all the conditions specified in this agreement have been met and after obtaining the Doctor's acceptance to join the platform. The information provided by the Doctor must be true, complete, and accurate.

5.2 Doctor's Legal Obligations The Doctor is responsible for understanding and complying with the laws, regulations, and contracts with third parties that apply to the medical consultations provided by the Doctor to the Patients. The Doctor is responsible for checking local regulations to determine the applicable rules for the medical consultations they intend to offer. The information provided by regarding legal requirements is for informational purposes only, and the Doctor is expected to independently comply with their obligations. The Doctor is responsible for managing and using the personal data of Patients and other individuals in accordance with applicable privacy laws and these Terms.

5.3 Medical Standards The Doctor is obligated to strictly adhere to the provisions of medical standards for diagnosis and treatment, as well as approved clinical protocols by the Ministry of Health or other competent official public authority in the country where the Doctor is registered and practicing.

5.4 Doctor's Responsibilities The Doctor is responsible and liable for their own actions and omissions in providing medical consultations as a Doctor. The Doctor is also fully responsible for the consequences of their recommendations to Patients.

5.5 Assumption of Risks The Doctor fully acknowledges that providing medical consultation services involves risks and agrees to assume all risks arising from accessing and using the website and mobile applications, providing medical consultations, or any interaction with other Members, whether in person or online. The Doctor agrees that they have had the opportunity to investigate the platform and any laws, rules, regulations, or obligations that may apply to medical consultations as a Doctor, and that they will not rely on any recommendation made by in the medical field.

6. Payments and Taxes

6.1 Payments At the beginning of each month, will transfer to the Doctor's designated bank account the amount earned by the Doctor on their account for the consultations provided to Patients in the previous month, after deducting the "administration fee" of the platform. The exact amount of the "administration fee" will be specified in an additional agreement/annex negotiated and agreed upon by both parties - platform and the Doctor.

6.2 Transfer of Funds The Doctor may request the transfer of funds existing in their personal account on the platform at any time (ad-hoc), subject to the applicable deductions mentioned in section 5(a) of this Agreement.

6.3 Bank Commission In addition to the administration fee deduction, in all cases of transfer to the Doctor's bank account, a supplementary "bank transfer commission" and an "operational transfer fee" will be withheld. The exact amount of the "bank commission" and "operational transfer fee" will also be specified in the additional agreement/annex mentioned in section 6.1.

6.4 Taxes As a Doctor, you are responsible for determining and fulfilling your obligations in accordance with applicable tax laws, including reporting, collecting, and paying the relevant taxes in the manner and within the deadlines set by the current legislation.

6.5 Taxes and Personal Liability The amount of income tax or other social contributions (social security) or medical premiums (mandatory health insurance) is not withheld by and should be paid independently and under your own responsibility by the Doctor.

6.6 Indirect Taxes The Doctor is responsible for remitting or including in the price any Value Added Tax (VAT) or other applicable indirect taxes on the fees charged for the services provided to Patients.

6.7's Right The platform has the right to withhold the corresponding monetary amounts from the Doctor if there are complaints, grievances, petitions, or claims received from Patients or competent authorities regarding the quality or conformity of the service provided. The corresponding amount may be retained until the definitive and irrevocable resolution of the related dispute.

General Terms

7. rules

7.1 Mandatory Rules for Platform Members:

  • Act in good faith and treat others with respect;
  • Do not lie, misrepresent something or someone, and do not pretend to be someone else;
  • Communicate and interact with others in a polite and respectful manner;
  • Do not discriminate against or harass others;
  • Do not use data extraction techniques (scraping), hacking, reverse engineering, or any other methods that could compromise or affect the functioning of the website and mobile applications;
  • Do not use robots, crawlers, data extractors, or other automated means to access, collect data or other content, or interact in any other way with the website and mobile applications;
  • Do not attempt hacking or engage in any other form of breaching or damaging the security of the website and mobile applications;
  • Do not decrypt, decompile, disassemble, or reverse-engineer the software or hardware used to provide the website and mobile applications;
  • Do not take any action that could harm or affect the performance or proper functioning of the website and mobile applications;
  • Use the website and mobile applications only as authorized under these Terms or under another agreement entered into with us;
  • May use another Member's personal information only to the extent necessary to facilitate a transaction using, in accordance with these Terms;
  • Do not use, messaging tools, or Members' personal information to send commercial messages without the express consent of the recipient;
  • May use the content made available through only to the extent necessary to facilitate the use of as a Patient or Doctor;
  • Do not use the content if permission from the content owner is not obtained or if the use is not authorized by under these Terms or another agreement;
  • Do not solicit, perform, or accept consultations or payments outside the website or mobile applications to avoid paying fees or for any other reason;
  • Do not use, copy, display, mirror, or frame the website or mobile applications, any content, the brand, or any page structure or design without's consent;
  • Comply with legal obligations;
  • Read and comply with the Terms and Policies;
  • Do not use the name, logo, brand, or trademarks, or those of others without permission;
  • Do not use or register domain names, social media accounts, trade names, trademarks, brands, logos, or other source identifiers that may be confused with the brand;
  • Do not provide medical consultations that violate the laws or agreements applicable in each case.

7.2 Reporting Violations If you believe that a Member or Content poses an imminent danger to a person, you should immediately contact local authorities before contacting Additionally, if you believe that a Member or Content has violated the Terms, you should report your concerns to If you have reported a problem to local authorities, may request a copy of that report. Unless required by law, the Member agrees that is not obligated to take action in response to any report.

7.3 Consumer Protection The contact phone number and the official website address of the State Inspectorate for Supervision of Non-Food Products and Consumer Protection can be found at the following link:

8. Termination, Termination, Suspension, and Other Measures

8.1 Terms This Agreement between a member and becomes effective when they access the website and mobile applications (specifically, from the moment of creating/registering a functional account as established) and remains in effect until terminated in accordance with its provisions and/or within the term established by applicable law.

8.2 Termination This Agreement may be terminated at any time by sending an email to, explaining the grounds for termination.

8.3 Termination may terminate this agreement and suspend/delete the member's account for any valid reason, providing a 7-day notice by email or using any other contact information provided for their account. Additionally, may immediately terminate this agreement and cease providing access to the website or mobile applications if the member seriously breaches these Terms, including's policies, applicable laws, or if reasonably believes that termination is necessary to protect, its members, or third parties.

8.4 Suspension If a member's account is inactive for more than two years, is entitled to unilaterally suspend/terminate/terminate this Agreement and delete the account without prior notice.

8.5 Member Violations In the event that:

  1. The member violates these Terms or's policies.
  2. The member violates mandatory legal provisions, regulations, or the rights of third parties.
  3. deems it reasonably necessary to protect, its members, or third parties, may, with or without prior notice:
    1. suspend or limit your access to the website and mobile applications and/or your account;
    2. cancel ongoing or confirmed consultations;
    3. suspend or revoke any special status associated with your account.

9. Role of is a platform that allows members to publish, provide, and search for medical consultations. Although makes every effort to ensure that members have excellent experiences using, it cannot fully prevent deviations from patient and doctor behavior. In this regard, has the right, but not the obligation, to monitor the use of the website and mobile applications and verify the information provided by its members. For example, may review, disable/suspend access, remove, or edit content for: (i) operating, securing, and improving the platform (including for fraud prevention, risk assessment, investigations, and customer support purposes); (ii) ensuring members' compliance with these Terms; (iii) complying with applicable law or the order or requirement of a court, law enforcement authority, or other administrative or governmental body; (iv) addressing content that we consider harmful or unacceptable; (v) taking measures as provided in these Terms; and (vi) maintaining and enforcing any quality or eligibility criteria, including by removing profiles that do not meet the quality and eligibility criteria. Members agree that administers its Policies, including decisions regarding their application in a specific situation, at its sole discretion, but in good faith and in accordance with legal provisions, members' rights, and interests, as well as the agreements between the parties. Members agree to cooperate and assist and provide with information and take actions as requested by in relation to any investigation undertaken by regarding the use or abuse of the website and mobile applications. does not act as an agent for any member, except where acts as an agent for the collection of financial means in accordance with this agreement and its terms and conditions.

10. Member Accounts

Members must register an account on the platform to access and use its features. Registration is only permitted for doctors and individuals who are 18 years of age or older. The member represents and warrants that they are not a person or entity prohibited from using under residency laws or any other applicable jurisdiction. Members must provide accurate, current, and complete information during registration and keep it up to date. Members are not entitled to register more than one account or transfer/transmit their account to anyone else. Members are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality and security of their account login credentials and must not disclose these credentials to third parties. Members are responsible and liable for activities conducted through their account and must immediately notify if they suspect that their login credentials have been lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised. To the extent permitted by applicable law, is entitled (i) to request members to provide identification or other information, (ii) to perform verifications to help members confirm their identity, (iii) to perform checks in third-party databases or other sources and request information from service providers.

11. Security and Data Protection

Părțile recunosc importanța securității și protecției datelor. se angajează să implementeze și să mențină măsuri tehnice și organizatorice rezonabile și adecvate pentru a proteja datele personale ale membrilor și pentru a asigura conformitatea cu legile și reglementările aplicabile privind protecția datelor. Aceste măsuri vor fi concepute pentru a proteja împotriva accesului neautorizat, utilizării, divulgării, modificării sau distrugerii datelor personale. este de acord să utilizeze practici și tehnologii de securitate de standardul industriei, inclusiv, dar fără a se limita la, criptare, firewall-uri, controale de acces și stocare securizată, pentru a proteja datele personale colectate și prelucrate prin intermediul site-ului și aplicațiilor mobile va evalua și actualiza în mod regulat măsurile de securitate pentru a reflecta tehnologiile și cele mai bune practici în evoluție în protecția datelor. În cazul oricărui incident de securitate sau încălcare implicând date personale, va notifica prompt părțile afectate în conformitate cu legile aplicabile și va lua măsuri rezonabile pentru a atenua impactul unui astfel de incident. Părțile sunt de acord să respecte toate legile și reglementările aplicabile privind protecția datelor, inclusiv, să accepte și să respecte cu strictețe Regulamentul privind prelucrarea datelor cu caracter personal, publicat pe pagina web și în aplicația, care va constitui parte integrantă a prezentului Acord. Totodată, în timp ce va utiliza măsuri de securitate riguroase, totuși niciun sistem nu poate garanta securitatea absolută. Prin urmare, membrii recunosc că nu poate fi tras la răspundere pentru careva prejudiciu cauzat de careva acces neautorizat, divulgare, pierdere sau modificare a datelor personale care apare în ciuda implementării unor astfel de măsuri de securitate, cu excepția cazului în care un astfel de incident rezultă dintr-un comportament intenționat sau neglijență gravă din partea Fiecare Membru este de asemenea responsabil pentru menținerea securității și confidențialității propriilor date confidențiale din contul său și datelor devenite cunoscute în legătură cu utilizarea platformei și este de acord să notifice imediat, în cazul oricărui acces neautorizat la contul său sau oricărei alte încălcări ale securității. Această clauză este valabilă și după încetarea, rezoluțiunea sau expirarea prezentului acord. Prin acceptarea acestor termeni, membrul recunoaște și este de acord cu practicile de securitate și protecție a datelor descrise mai sus.

12. Limitations and Liability

Neither (including its affiliates and staff) nor any other party involved in the creation, production, or delivery of the website or mobile applications, nor any content, shall be liable for any incidental, special, or consequential damages, including loss of profits, loss of data, service interruption, computer damage or system failure, or the cost of substitute products or services, or any damages resulting from personal or bodily injury or emotional distress, in connection with (i) these Terms, (ii) the use or inability to use the website and mobile applications or any content, (iii) any communication, interaction, or meeting you may have with someone you interact or meet through the use of, or as a result of using it, or (iv) the listing or consultation with a doctor, whether based on warranty, contract, tort liability (including negligence), product liability, or any other legal theory, even if has been advised of the possibility of such damages, even if a limited remedy provided in these Terms fails its essential purpose. These limitations of liability and damages are fundamental elements of the agreement between the member and If applicable law expressly prohibits the limitations of liability provided in these Terms by mandatory provisions, then these limitations shall not apply in that case.

This agreement represents a civil contract governed by the provisions of the legislation of the country in which the Doctor is registered and operates, and is deemed to be concluded by accepting it electronically, directly and unequivocally on the platform.

All disputes shall be examined through prior notice. The contracting parties agree that any objection to the performance of this Agreement shall be sent in writing via email, and the contracting parties shall present their arguments within 10 days from the date of receiving the claim.

Disputes regarding the quality of medical services provided that have not been resolved amicably shall be examined by the competent courts, in accordance with the legislation in force in the country in which the Doctor is registered and operates.

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